You are an adult of at least 19 years of age.

You are of a sound mind, and a not fugitive, or ward of a court in any jurisdiction.

You are willing to submit to corporal punishment if we feel it is necessary, to help you overcome your problems and stay out of trouble.

You understand things like drugs, alcohol, sex, foul language, and disrespect, will not be tolerated here.

While you won't be required to join a church or change your religious views, but you will be expected to attend church with us as long as you reside in our home, or visit here.

You are willing to obey loving and trustworthy parental-type mentors, and be held accountable for your offenses 24/7.

You will either be able to move into our home, or visit our home on a frequent and regular basis.

You are willing to discuss your problems in an open and honest manner, and be willing to do whatever is necessary to overcome them.

You are willing to take the time necessary to establish mutual trust between us, so we can determine if you are the type of individual who will benefit from what we offer.

You also understand this is a real home and family outreach, there is no role-play, erotic activity, etc. Only those who are serious about doing better in life, need apply.

If you can say "YES" to all of these statements, contact us today! (space is always limited)

p.s. Your questions are welcome, but remember we will expect you to answer our questions too.

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