If you have teens or young adults living at home, I am sure you have "discipline problems" with them at times. Even younger children resist and resent being held accountable for their words, deeds, and actions. Is there any way to alter this type of situation, and restore discipline in the home? The key to all of this is "everything has a price!"

An "overcoming" parent can simply pronounce a certain penalty for an offense, and provide the option to 'buy out' the penalty they imposed by offering to spank the offender in lieu of completing the punishment due.

Someone told they would have to do the dishes for a week will most likely be glad to accept a spanking, 'to get the punishment over with quicky.' Older teens may well opt for a spanking, if they are told they cannot date for a certain period of time. The offenses and punishments can almost be endless, until order is restored.

REMEMBER, the offenders will usually ASK for the belt or whatever, and a good parent just can't refuse such a request...