JULIE (a short story)

NOTE: This story contains some sexual references which are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. This story is fiction, but it deals with many events that occur in the REAL WORLD...

Time after time, Julie had made the wrong choices in life. As a child she rebelled against her parents authority, and ignored their instructions. By the time she had become a teenager, she would stay any place but home. Julie had learned that her body could be used as payment for many things in life, and she allowed others to use it to fulfil their sexual desires. Julie had simply traded one master for another, yet she foolishly believed that she was in control of her own life.

Her drug usage was increasing at an alarming rate, and she had to admit that her drug and sexual habits could easily kill her. Aids was a constant threat, and her "friends" were the type of people who thought nothing of killing someone for a few dollars, or a few minutes of non-consensual sex.

Julie was now on the street again, as she had run away from the low talent street musician she had been living with. Guitar Bob, was a real loser. He was three times Julie's age, and all he wanted from her was oral sex while he played crude three chord tunes on his guitar. If she refused his sexual advances or disobayed him, he whipped her behind with worn out metal guitar strings he had saved. After the last licking, Julie decided that her music appreciation education was complete. She left while Bob was sleeping, after a night of drinking with, and entertaining his twisted street fans.

By now, Julie was cold and hungry. She could go to the mission, but she dreaded the attempts that would be made to "save her" by the workers and clergy who staffed the religious outreach. She would also have to submit to various people, and abide by many rules and regulations. If she had wanted to be told what to do, she would have never left home in the first place. If only she had a few bucks, she could get a meal and a cheap room for the night.

Julie was only eighteen, but this lifestyle had aged her beyond her years. She had no problem getting booze, as the bartenders would assume she was at least thirty years old. When she spotted a bar she had never visited before, she decided to drop in. Maybe she could use what was left of her physical attractions, to "con" a drink out of someone inside the bar.

When Julie entered Dad's Second Home Bar, she was truly amazed at what she saw. Instead of the usual riff-raff, these bar customer were very orderly and quiet. There was music playing, but it was not the usual loud rock music she was accustomed too. Julie did not even know what kind of music it was, but it sounded good to her. The crowd was mostly young couples, but they acted very mature for their age. The man behind the bar seemed very friendly, but he also seemed like the type you would not want to get mad.

Julie had decided that she had no chance of getting a handout, or a free drink in this place. She was attracted by the atmosphere of the bar, but she felt completely out of place. As she walked toward the exit, the bartender called out to her. He said, how about one on the house young lady? These words got her attention, so she reversed her direction and walked toward the long wooden bar. The bartender told her that almost everyone called him dad, and that she was welcome to do the same.

Something about this man made her long for a type of physical contact that had nothing to do with sex, she just wanted to be held and loved. She tried to dismiss these thoughts from her mind, but she began to cry softly. Dad just smiled, and gave her a warm hug. Julie could feel many years of bitterness and rebellion melting away, yet she was in the arms of a complete stranger!

Without saying a word dad placed a plate before her containing the biggest, and best looking cheese-burger she had ever seen. There was also a big frosted mug filled with cola, alongside the platter. Julie told dad that she was broke, and she could not pay for any food or drink. Dad told her that family members did not have to pay, to eat at their own home. She did not question the matter, as she was truly starving to death.

After she finished the feast, she asked dad why he had given her a cola instead of a cold beer to drink. Dad told Julie that she could have one on her twenty first birthday, and not until then. Julie was floored by his statement, how did he know that she was under age? This man was really wise, or either he could read minds. For some unknown reason, she felt that it would be in her best interest to accept his fatherly friendship. Dad told Julie not to worry, about where she would sleep for the night.

Dad also told Julie that her room was ready for her, and that she could take a nap in her own bed if she wished to do so. Julie was becoming uncomfortable, as she realized that this was not just a bar. She felt safe here, but she realized that she would not be her own boss at dad's place. It took all she had in her, to resist running for the exit. Was dad setting her up for some sexual activity, or sexual fantasy? Somehow, she began to feel more at ease in spite of her reservations concerning dad's place.

Dad called out the name Mary, and a lovely young lady approached the bar. Dad told Mary to show Julie to her room, and to be sure that she was comfortable. When Julie entered her room, she could see a nice looking young man placing a little wooden name plate on the her bedroom door. It had the words "daughter Julie", painted in gold letters on it. Julie still felt strange about her situation, but she did not feel threatened anymore.

As she entered the room, she was very impressed. It was really beautiful, the room was furnished very tastefully indeed. She opened the top drawer of her dresser, and saw a note telling her that some clothing and underwear were being gathered together for her. There was a door leading to a private bath and shower, with a bath tub already filling with water from the shower. The thought of a hot bath was very inviting to her, as life on the street was not the most sanitary and clean form of existence for a young woman.

As Julie disrobed, she tossed her soiled clothing into a hamper which was placed next to the tub and shower. She felt safe, for reasons that she could not fully understand. As the warm water streamed down her body, her buttocks stung from the pain of the water touching the open wounds the guitar strings had gouged into her flesh. Guitar Bob was a sick human being, and Julie was glad to be far away from him.

After her shower, Julie realized that she did not have any clean clothing to put on. As much as she hated to do so, she opened the clothes hamper to retrieve her dirty clothes. To her surprise, it was empty! As she reached down into it, she realized that the bottom was like a trap door. The clothes were gone, to who knows where? Did dad do this to trick young girls into walking around in the nude for him to gaze at? Maybe this man was corrupt, after all.

Julie wrapped herself in a big towel that had been provided, and returned into her beautiful bedroom. To her amazement, clean underwear had been placed on top of the bed spread. She was a little put off because someone had entered her room uninvited, but she did remember that she had left the door partially open. There was a lock on it, so she locked the door to insure her privacy. Julie was still uneasy to some degree, but she realized that she had been in much more risky situations because of her past bad decisions in life. She was too tired to think or worry, so she laid down and quickly drifted off to sleep.

When Julie awoke, she had no idea of what time it was. She noticed that there was no clock, no telephone, and no radio or even a TV in the room. In fact, there was not even a window. She opened the draw of a night stand next to her bed, but all it contained was an old well-worn bible. Was this some kind of cult missionary, disguised as a bar? What kind of religion would run a missionary like this? Julie had questions she hoped that dad would soon answer.

Julie decided that she needed to find out more about her new home, and the people in it. There was a nice dress laying across a chair in the room, and it fit just right. How could it have gotten into the locked room, was there a secret entrance? Julie unlocked her door, and stepped into the long hall that led back toward the bar. When she opened the door at the end of the hall, she was shocked to see that it did not lead into the bar. It opened into a recreational type of room with pool tables, tables and chairs, and a lot of young people. How could this be, the other end of the hall ended at a solid wall. She was sure that there was only one door at the end of the hall, she could remember that much for sure.

When she stepped into the recreational room, everyone stopped chatting, and cried out "welcome Julie". She was really surprised, but Julie felt that the reception was genuine. She felt a powerful presence behind her, and turned to see dad smiling at her. He remarked at how rested she looked, and that he was there to answer her questions about her new home. As he led her back into the hall, she noticed that there was now a door at the other end of it. Was she losing her mind?

When he opened the door at the end of the hall, they entered what appeared to be an office. There was no telephone, typewriter, or computer, but there was a big desk for dad. There were plenty of books, but they seemed to be the type of books accountants made by placing ledger sheets between plastic covered binders. Dad had her take a seat, and he told her to rest easy as she was safe at her new home.

She had a million questions for dad, but she knew that she should wait until he was through speaking before saying anything. For some odd reason, she did not feel inclined to resist his natural air of authority. For the first time in her life, Julie was becoming submissive to someone for the right reasons. Dad was the type of man who seemed to deserve respect, and even obedience. Julie was amazed at her own reactions, and she knew these changes were for her best interests.

Dad told Julie that he knew all about her past, and how she had ruined her life with sex and drugs. He told her that her initial rebellion at home should have been dwelt with firmly, but he understood that her parents were not able to function well due to their own problems with substance abuse. They were poor excuses for parents, but Julie was still responsible for most of the situation she had created for herself. She should have done her best at home, and not run away to the streets. When dad asked Julie what she had to say, she could do nothing but cry. Her brain could not communicate her words to her mouth. She felt dirty, useless, and guilty for her wretched state of existence.

Dad told Julie to stop crying, as she had a decision to make. He told her she had two options, and only two. She could walk out of her new home and take her chances on the street, or she could pledge to abide by the rules of the house and stay with her new family. When she thought about her past life, and things like the whipping with the guitar strings, she knew what her decision would be.

Dad told her that her new life would be full of joy and love, but that there would be discipline too. She would not have to work, but she would be educated. Religion would not be forced upon her, but she would be expected to study the bible to find the truth for herself. She would be given the proper love, in a home style environment. If she failed from now on, she would not have anyone to blame but herself.

Julie told dad that she would accept his offer, and she thanked him for taking a personal interest in her. He gave her a big hug, and kissed her on the cheek. She returned to her room, and fell across the bed sobbing tears of joy and happiness. This was great news, and she decided to share her decision with the other young people in her new home.

As she got to the end of the hall, she opened the door which now led into a totally new destination. She found herself in another bedroom, this one was decorated as if it was for a young girl. There was a play table & chair, teddy bears, dolls, and all sorts of books and toys. The door had the name Julie painted on it, in big fancy pink letters. Julie was really confused now, what was going on here? As she turned to face the doorway leading to the hall, she was astounded to see that there was only a solid wall where the door had existed only a few seconds ago. Was Julie dead, or was this just a weird dream? There had to be some reasonable explanation for all of this weird stuff. What was going on?

Julie look around the room, and saw a full size mirror mounted on a section of the wall. In it, she could see the reflection of a beautiful young girl. The strange part was that she could not see her own reflection in the mirror. After a few seconds she realized what had actually happened. Somehow, Julie had been transformed into a little girl again!

Before she could think another thought, Julie looked up to see two people entering the room. Somehow, she knew that these two people were her new mom and dad. The daddy looked like the same man who was her "dad" at the bar, but he was at least twenty five years younger. Her new mom was very pretty, and she seemed full of love and happiness too.

Julie was sure that she had made the right decision, until dad spoke to her. He told Julie that he loved her very much, but that she had been a bad little girl. He said that when her mama told her to do something, that she was to do it. Dad picked up Julie and and laid her across his lap. He lifted her dress up just enough, to expose here little buttocks. Without any additional comments, he applied ten stinging licks with the palm of his hand.

Julie cried out in pain, and began to doubt her decision about living in her new home. After dad finished with the spanking, he held Julie tight and told her that he loved her dearly. Mom cried, saying that discipline was necessary to insure children grew up into responsible adults. All of a sudden Julie began to cry harder, as she realized that this was something that she had missed in her youth at home. She had no idea of why she had got this whipping, as she had just arrived and could not have committed an offence against her new parents.

All of a sudden it did not matter, as she realized that if she had gotten punished for what she had done in her youth, she would have been whipped thousands of times. She knew that her new parents would make her obey, but she was glad to have someone to obey. The love she was feeling was worth any price, and she was willing to do anything avoid repeating her past mistakes. The tears quickly changed into tears of joy, as she began to understand that life could actually be a joyful experience after all.

Almost twenty years past, and Julie grew into a fine young woman. The love she experience at home made her a different person, a young woman any parents would be proud of. Her mama had died a few years back, but she knew that mom was now in a better place. Julie was now sure that God existed, and that He took care of His own. Her dad was now running a bar too, but she knew that is was not just another dive! She smiled, as she remembered the few occasions when dad had tanned her backside. It had worked, she had no doubt that the discipline was strong motivation to do right. The best part was the genuine love and understanding she received from both of her new parents. Their unselfish love did more than anything else, to steer and direct her path in life. She was at peace with herself, and with God. Julie was now going with a fine young man, and they planned to marry and start a big family.

Julie still wondered about the weird hallways in the bar complex, and how she managed to become a young girl again at the age of eighteen. There was also things about her dad, which were beyond understanding. Julie had decided years ago, not to question how all of this stuff worked. She feared that if she questioned the reality of her situation, that she might wake up from a wonderful dream and be returned to the cruel streets again.

As Julie left the recreation room at dad's place, she saw a pitiful looking young woman heading toward the main bar entrance. The young woman was full of black and blue marks, she really looked like she needed a helping hand. Julie could see a lot of pain in her eyes, but she knew that changes could occur quickly at dad's place. By tomorrow morning, this young girl might just find herself in a brand new home. At dad's place, more was being served than alcohol, cokes, and burgers...

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