Little John had never been spanked in his entire life, and all he could think about was being disciplined one day. Since he was already 35 years old, Little John figured his desire to be spanked would never come to pass in his lifetime.

Little John was driving to work on his motorcycle one morning when he had a very minor impact with a Rolls Royce being driven by a very big woman. When she got out of her car to survey any damage she went into a rage when she saw Little John’s motorcycle had inflicted a very small scratch on he vehicle.

The woman told Little John it would cost three or four thousand dollars to get her car repaired, which was a lot more money than he had in the bank. He admitted he was at fault for the collision, but his insurance had lapsed so he had no way to compensate for the damage he had inflicted on her car.

The big woman told Little John to place his motorbike into the trunk of her Rolls Royce, and to get into the backseat of her vehicle. She told Little John she would take him to her office, where she would compose a financial document he could sign stipulating the terms of payment for the damage done to her property. Little John was relieved, knowing he had a way out of court proceedings and serous legal consequences down the road.

They soon arrived at a small building, with a fenced in area attached. The yard was full of stacked pieces of wood, and large boxes containing unknown contents. The big lady had calmed down a lot, and told Little John to take a seat at her large desk. As Little John sat down, he noticed a sign on the wall with the message “Up The River Paddle Inc.” on it!

The big woman told Little John the total charges for the repair, interest, etc. would be $10,000 payable in installments of $1000 per week. He cried out, no way I can repay you by these terms. At best, I only make about $300 per week. When the woman heard this her attitude changed greatly, and her eyes became very scary looking to say the least!

The big woman told Little John she would give him a job paying $1300 per week, which would provide him with enough income to pay for the damages to her Rolls Royce, and his basic living costs. Little John gladly signed the employment agreement, not even asking what his job would be like. His boss lady told Little John to report for work at 9am, and to be sure to be on time. Little John had a good nights sleep, knowing his debt was going to be paid within a few months,

Little John dreamed he was a child again, and his dad was spanking him for some offense. Little John knew he was just dreaming, as his dad had never punished him while he was being raised at home as a child. The dream was a mixture of emotions, as he felt as he was finally experiencing the discipline that had been absent in his childhood. When Little John awoke from his alarm going off at 8am, he was disappointed in the fact it interrupted his spanking.

The boss lady was pleased when Little John arrived a few minutes, and offered him a hot cup of coffee before starting to work. She told him she was pleased he wore work jeans, as his new job was very physical in nature, After the coffee break, she led Little John to what she called “the shop”.

As Little John entered the shop, he was amazed to see hundreds of different types of paddles laid out on long work benches. The boss lady told Little John his official title was he was “a paddle tester”, and his job was to endure and rate the ability of each and every paddle in inventory! As a bonus, the big boss lady would apply the paddles herself, to insure the spankings were properly done.

When Little John finally arrived home after work, he burned every spanking fetish book and movie he had and erased any spanking related web sites from his computer. When Little John took a shower his behind burned badly, and was now black and blue in color. Little John considered not returning to his new job, but KNEW his big boss lady would insure he returned to work the next morning. His only day off was Sunday, and boy was he was he sorry it was only Monday...