When parents fail to live a moral and righteous life in the presence of their family and household, their children will usually follow after their examples in life:

Where's your teen age daughter Mary, I dropped by to see her. Mom, “she is in her bedroom fornicating with her live in boyfriend..” You and your husband allow this? Sure, after all teens have “needs” too.

Mary, is your 10 year old really smoking cigarettes? Yes, it is only fair since he is subject to second hand smoke from most of our household members. We do choose the brand he smokes , to make sure he only smokes dope when he is away from the house with his friends.

Do you have parental controls on the television sets in the household? Sure we do, we block most religious and church services so our kids don't feel guilty about the lifestyle choices they make in life.

Why do all of your children cuss so much? Because my husband and I do, plus cussing helps our children better relate too, and enjoy our household and family relationship.

Do you ever discipline your kids in any manner? Not really, we were raised without discipline and accountability and turned out just fine...