Are you someone who just can’t find the painful discipline you seek in life? You may have wasted years seeking someone to dominate and punish you, but have failed to find anyone to meet your needs in this regard. After all no matter how much you crave pain and punishment, safety must always be an important factor in your quest.

Finally, there is a safe and sure way to accomplish your goal to suffer greatly without being raped, tortured, or made in a slave. The answer is so simple, and sure! Here is the basic plan, which is foolproof:

Get a tourist visa to Singapore, and spend some time in the city/state enjoying the many attractions in the area. Before you return to your home country, simply break the windshield of a police car in the presence of the officer the vehicle belongs too.

You will be arrested immediately, and brought to trial for your offense. The judge will almost surly sentence you to a term in prison, along with a number of licks applied to your bare buttocks with a sturdy cane!

See, there is always a way to obtain the discipline you seek in life. The whippings are so severe few if any will become repeat offenders…