Spanking – Do We Obey God or Man

From time to time I see postings from people who believe spanking is an effective form of discipline, but fear the legal consequences of using corporal based punishment in their home. I would like to share some of my personal opinions and beliefs regarding this, for your prayerful consideration:

The most important consideration must be God’s point of view, as revealed in the scriptures. The verses pertaining to the rod of correction are actually COMMANDS of God, to parents of unruly children. He makes this abundantly clear in the 12th chapter of the book of Hebrews, which charges parents who do not chastise their children with treating their offspring as if they were bastards!

Even without the biblical endorsement, spanking has a very established background in the history and tradition of the family unit.

Even many of our young adults of our day, can remember grandmother or grandfather using some form of “the rod of correction” upon their buttocks. (even if their parents did not) Schoolteachers, guardians, and even neighbors, thought nothing of paddling a rude or naughty child in times past. While this non-parental spanking policy may be subject to many different opinions in our day and time, it was a common sight in our recent past. My concerns are for the present, but I felt obligated to stir up the memories of some who seem to have forgotten these things.

In our day and time, spanking children has become a taboo subject in many ways. I believe there is still a pro-spanking majority, but they are a silent majority! The family welfare people, the courts, and the humanist-inspired government agencies, mock the values of the traditional family unit. God has been kicked out of society in general, and the man of the house as been reduced to the office of “mouse” of the house.

Parents have reared their children in a home without meaningful discipline, and these kids KNOW their rights. (as taught to them in school, and by the media) The parents of these children fear their own offspring, and the kids “do their own thing” and dare anyone to even attempt stop them. I get phone calls and e-mail from parents who are unable to control their youth, and they really have no idea they are usually the ones at fault for the situation they have created at home.

This is what I would do, you make your own decision: A good parent should be willing to die to protect their own family, so it should be no big thing if they have to spend time in jail for doing what is RIGHT before God. Would you not bath your kids, if the family services people said it was too dangerous? Would you not feed them, if a law was enacted which forbid them from eating at home? Of course not, you would say such laws were foolish and none of the governments business. Guess what? Any law which forbids you to discipline your children is foolish, illegal, and anti-God to the core. Situation ethics won’t cut it, when you face God and tell Him why you allowed little Johnny to smoke pot without paying the price for his actions. When you visit your child in the jail, the hospital, or the grave, you will WISH you had been man or woman enough to discipline them in their youth.

Chasten your child while there is still hope, and do not cave in to the unconstitutional mandates of people who know nothing of the true law of our land, or our Creator. Woe to the wicked church organizations and ministers who value the policies of the welfare people, above the word of God.

Many attorneys and law enforcement officials know the truth, but they have followed the sheep to the slaughter too. Their legal advice may be timely, but it is based on corrupted truth, which is nothing but perversion wrapped up to hide its evil source. Lawyers who deal outside of constitutional law, are no better than preachers who use humanist dogma instead of scripture to teach and preach from.

Do RIGHT, no matter the cost. If you go to jail, use the time to make plans to defeat the evil system which was used to usurp your parental rights. If you lose your kids for a while, remember you have not really lost them at all. If you did your job right, your children will know it NO MATTER what they are told by others. In time they will return to you, and you will have their love and respect for sticking to your guns. Best of all, God will KNOW what you have done.

We have all allowed this mess to occur, so don’t think I am pointing fingers only at you. I am also guilty, as for years I allowed public opinion and the flawed logic of infidels to govern my thought process in many ways. Don’t waste your life, and the life of your children, by holding back when they deserve the discipline God ORDAINED you to minister to them. You cannot truly LOVE your children, if you withhold the essentials a child needs to succeed. No one should abuse a child, but to neglect their discipline needs will insure their destruction…